Events and Workshops

Sr. No.EventsTarget Branch/YearNumber of Students Attended
1One day workshop on Android organised by DUCAT,NOIDACSE/IT/ECE/MCA final year250
2One day workshop on Android organised by CMC LTD,NOIDACS/IT/ECE/MCA final year400
3Motivational Lecture from INDIAN ARMY3rd year All Branch Male candidates200
4SSB drive from Indian Army3rd year All Branch Male candidates200
5Recruitment cum training Drive of Lio technologyCSE/IT/MCA final year150
6Online AMCAT employability test conducted by Aspiring mind in collegeAll braches 4th year49
7Recruitment cum training Drive of Technovite, Sonipat with Company CEOCSE/IT/ECE/MCA final year200
8Recruitment cum training Drive of Appin Tecnology, Gurgon with Company CEOCSE/IT/ECE/MCA final year150
9Recruitment Drive of Daffodil, Hissar with CompanyDirector visit on CampusCSE/IT/ECE/MCA final year100
10Recruitment Drive of LPS, Rohtak with Company HR visit on CampusME/MBA final year50
11Corporate Lecturer from TCS ltd HR Mr Kapilall braches 3rd year80
1220 hr (3 day) Softskill workshop on 18,19 and 20 April 2014all braches 3rd year91
138 week in-house summer training byTechnovite LabsCSE/IT/ECE/MCA 2nd and 3rd year27
14Press Conference and appriciation to placed 2014 batch studentsbatch 201450
15AMCAT motivational lecture by AMCAT managerAll braches 3rd and final year300
16ONLINE AMCAT Test DriveAll braches 3rd and final year360
17Presentation of Monster.comFinal year student200
18Motivational Lecture from Rahul Tyagi on cyber Security in two shiftsAll braches 3rd and final year236
192 Day 16 hour workshop on Cyber Security and Ethical HackingAll braches 3rd and final year320
20Campus Drive of Acore Infosys Ltd.150
21Online AMCAT employability test conducted by Aspiring mind in college
22Motivation Lecture of Indian ArmyAll branches 3rd year120
23Kareer matrix online test110
24online Test of CSS Corp through Monster.com15
25Campus Drive of Indian ArmyAll branches 3rd year100
26Coperate Lecture by Asstt. Vice President of aspiring MindsAll branches 3rd year180
27workshop on game and ethical hacking by axpino technologiesCS and MCA100
28seminar on Soft computing and mobile technologies conducted by webtek labsCS and MCA100
29AMCAT Online testAll branches 3rd year77