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basics The Computer Sc. & Engineering department has following laboratories:


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60 Core 2 Duo(3 GHz, 2 GB, 160 GB) computers, LCD Projects, DLP Projector, Audio-Visual. Aids, HP Laser Printer, DMP 132 Col, Web Cam, Light Pen, Scanner etc.

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35 P-IV 2.93 GHz with HT Technologies, Printer & Internet Broadband 10 MBPS. Our students have a blend of high academic technologies expertise, good human values, entreprenurial Skills, good morals and ethics as well as traditional values for the nation. Academic results of our students are always excellent & one of the best among the all other engineering Colleges.


Homeworks Services Vancouver uk - Put aside your concerns, place your task here and get your professional project in a few days put out a little time and money The Electronics & Communication Engineering department has following laboratories:

college entrance essay prompts phd thesis library science thesis statement on service learning 1.       Analog Electronics
2.       Digital Electronics
3.       Microwave Engg
4.       Network Theory.
5.       Power Electronics.
6.       Control Systems
7.       Communication System
8.       Integrated Electronics
9.       Satellite Communication
10.     Microprocessor Interfacing

The Electrical Engineering department has following laboratories and workshops:

1.       Electrical Technology Lab
2.       Network Theory Lab
3.       CCM Lab
4.       Electric Machine Lab
5.       Electric Drive Lab
6.       DSP Lab
7.       Electric Workshop Lab
8.       Analog Electronics Lab
9.       Numerical Method Lab
10.     Control System Lab
11.      Electronics Measurement & Instrumentation Lab
12.     Power System Lab
13.     Power Electronics Lab
14.     CAPS Lab
15.     Micro processor Lab
16.     Electrical Measurement & instrumentation Lab
17.     Software Lab

The Mechanical Engineering Department has following modern Laboratories and Workshops with latest equipment:-

1.       Engineering Graphics & Drawing Lab
2.       Basics of Mechanical Engineering Lab
3.       Computer Aided Design Lab
4.       Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
5.       Automobile Engineering Lab
6.       Measurement & Instrumentation Lab
7.       Kinematics of Machine Lab
8.       Dynamics of Machines Lab
9.       Fluid Mechanics & Machine Lab
10      Internal Combustion Engine & Gas Turbine Lab
11       Strength of Material Lab
12.     Steam & Power Generation Lab
13.     Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Lab
14.     Workshops (Smithy shop, forging shop, metallurgy shop, Machine shop, Welding shop, Carpentry shop, Foundry shop and Fitting shop)

The Applied Sc. & Humanities Department has following modern Laboratories and Workshops with latest equipments:-

Physics Lab:

Physics, the most fundamental physical science, is based upon the exact measurement and is concerned with the basic principles of the universe. It is the foundation on which engineering, technology and the other sciences ‚Äď astronomy, biology, chemistry and geology are based. Physics Lab is spacious and well equipped with the latest apparatus, instruments and experiments to be performed as per the Maharishi Dayanand University curriculum. The students are given the exposure on the experiments on Optics, Measuring Instruments, Quantum and Solid State Physics.

Chemistry Lab:

Chemistry laboratory is equipped with the equipment to perform the experiments as per Maharishi Dayanand University requirements. The basic aim of Chemistry laboratory is to impart knowledge about the chemical properties of engineering materials and methods for manipulating the properties.

Mathematics Lab:

Mathematics Lab is equipped with the latest equipment to perform the experiments as per Maharishi Dayanand University requirements. The students are given the exposure on the experiments to solve the problems based on differential equations.

Environment Science Lab:

Environment Science Lab is well equipped with the latest apparatus . The students are given the exposure on the experiments on study the water parameters, measuring meteorological conditions and CO-Levels to aware about industrial pollution.