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Vaish College of Engineering provides one of the fastest and smoothest network to its students with the help of the networking Bandwidth Management Software, which has helped the institution in developing a seamless network throughout the campus. Every single part of the campus is connected with 10 Gigabits of Fiber Optical Cable connecting more than 500 powerful networking devices including Switches (L2 & L3), Routers, Servers (Blades, Xeon), and Firewalls (ASA, WSA, UTMS).

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VCE provides its students with the opportunity to remain connected to the outside world with its unified wireless communication network spread throughout the campus. With over 100 Access Points providing smooth wireless Internet connectivity, the campus is India’s one of the most advanced technical campus.

blog link Facilities Available:

  • Computing Facility
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Campus Wide Network
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Vaish College of Engineering is equipped with sophisticated computer labs with more than 320 high quality Intel Core i3/i5/i7/Cor2 Duo machines from HP, Compaq, IBM, HCL. Facilities like printers and scanners are provided in each and every computer lab. All computer labs are air-conditioned and are connected with 24 hours Internet facility with dedicated 20 Mbps 1:1 bandwidth.

Internet Connectivity

Internet facility with dedicated 20 Mbps 1:1 bandwidth from different ISPs to facilitate 24X7 access to the Internet. The Internet Connectivity with Campus wide Networking enables access from anywhere within the college Campus. The Internet connectivity is extended to Hostels with Wi-Fi Connectivity.


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